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As a professional writer covering computing and technology, I have written several forests' worth of articles over the last few years. Just in case something I wrote might still have some amusement or educational value, here is a small selection of my scribblings.

The following articles, hosted here, are (c) me, Richard Drummond. You may download, read, print, make paper darts from these articles or distribute in any other way - as long as the copyright information remains intact.

TitlePublished?Date added
Libranet Linux 2.7
Want to try Debian Linux, but think it's too difficult to install? This review examines a distro which offers an easy way of getting a Debian-based desktop on your system.
Linux Format, Christmas 200215/10/2003
SmoothWall Corporate Server 2.0
A review of this commercial, Linux-based firewall, derived from the popular and free SmoothWall GPL.
Linux Format, December 200229/05/2003
Lycoris Desktop/LX Personal, Update 2
A review of Lycoris's user-friendly, desktop-oriented Linux distribution, designed to ease the transition of Windows users to the Linux platform.
Linux Format, December 200229/05/2003
An Introduction to Digital Cryptography
Anyone who transmits information via the Internet should know whether their data is secure. How certain can you be that no-one's listening in on your communications? This article introduces the basics of digital cryptography and looks at some of its applications on the Internet.
Digital, December 200105/05/2003

Articles elsewhere on the web

Here are links to some of the articles that I have written for Linux Format which can be found at various places on the web. The bulk of these are hosted on the Linux Format web site itself (see the Linux Format Archives.) These articles are (c) Future Publishing and may not be reproduced in any form without permission. Also note that the PDF files were generated directly from the magazine page-layouts and may include high-resolution images, so file sizes can be rather high.)

Debian GNU/Linux 3.1Review69August 2005PDF (173KB)
The X FactorFeature68July 2005PDF (639KB)
SNAP Graphics 2.0 betaReview45October 2003PDF (246KB)
BXPro 6Review32October 2002PDF (204KB)
Acronis OS Selector 5.0 DeluxeReview24February 2002HTML