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A new release soon

It's been a while, I know, but it's coming...

Ubuntu packages

Users of Ubuntu Linux 6.10 on x86 hardware can now get unoffical E-UAE packages. Thanks Morgoth!

Minimal Linux for E-UAE

Amir Ansari has written an excellent guide describing how to build a cut-down Linux distribution for running E-UAE on. Amir's X-less distro is based on Gentoo Linux, uses the Linux framebuffer device and DirectFB, and boots in 15 seconds.


E-UAE-0.8.29-WIP3 released

A new WIP release is here - slowly treading the path to a more featureful and stable 0.8.29 version. Lots of progress has been made. See the README and the Changelog for more details.

I do apologize for the slow release of binaries lately. Besides a chronic lack of free time, I've been suffering a lot of hardware problems lately. Some of this has been due to the thunderstorm season here in Indiana (and my surge protector just not being able to cope) and some due to my hardware just wearing out. I'm trying my best to get back up to speed. Please bear with me. Thanks to all those who donated (I'll put an updated list of donors online shortly): this really helps at times like these.

E-UAE elsewhere on the web

Mac users of E-UAE might want to check out this new Mac-focused Commodore emulation website, Think Commdore. German speakers should also have a look at this site dedicated to German users of E-UAE on OS X. Mac users should definitely try out Hi-Toro, a GUI-based front-end to E-UAE for OS X. The developer, Daniel Pimley, has been putting a lot of effort into this lately. Thanks, Dan!

Gentoo too!

Much progress has been made on the 'packaging' of E-UAE for Gentoo users. Thanks to Peter Volkov for his work on this.


E-UAE-0.8.29-WIP2 released

This releases fixes 32-bit P96 screens on PPC hosts and some minor bugs in the build scripts.


E-UAE-0.8.29-WIP1 released

Although it may not seem like it - due to a lack of public releases - lots of work has been going on in this project recently behind the scenes, improving compatablity and performance, fixing bugs and adding new features. However, I'm still not quite ready to release version 0.8.29 yet. Never mind that; here's your chance to take a look at some of this recent work: release 0.8.29-WIP1. See the README and the ChangeLog for more details of the changes. Warning: while lots of bugs have been fixed since 0.8.28, but many of the new features in this release haven't had much testing yet and some features are still incomplete, depending on your platform. Binaries for the usual suspects will be made available during the next few days.


Cloanto releases Amiga Forever 2005

Cloanto released today Amiga Forever 2005, the official Amiga emulation, OS, connectivity, history and support suite, now featuring 20 GB of software, data and videos to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Amiga computer. Read more...


E-UAE-0.8.28 released

E-UAE 0.8.28 is finally here and brings many bug fixes and improvements. See the README and the ChangeLog for more details.


E-UAE-0.8.28-RC2 released

It's been a long time coming (mostly due to real life getting in the way), but here's a new version of E-UAE at last. Once again, this new version is faster (up to 30% better performance in the interpretative CPU emulation), more compatible (many fixes merged from WinUAE 1.0.0), and more bug-free (for example, the long-standing bug which would cause the virtual filesystem to bomb when running IBrowse is now fixed). Other highlights include fixes for compiling for 64-bit hosts (such as the AMD64) and for building with GCC 4.0, improvements to the 'new' bsdsocket.library emulation (the Linux and OS X binaries below now are compiled with this), faster start-up times on many platforms and SCSI device emulation on AmigaOS4 hosts. See the README for more details and the ChangeLog for the full story. Binaries for all supported platforms will be available shortly.

E-UAE project sponsored by Guru Meditation

E-UAE gains its first commercial sponsor: Guru Meditation. Guru Meditation have a large range of classic Amiga games in stock, and so are a great port of call for the Amiga emulation enthusiast. They also sell new Amiga games, classic Amiga hardware and are an official AmigaONE dealer. A big thanks to Andreas Loong at Guru Meditation for supporting the development of E-UAE.


Thanks to Ramon Schmitt, Dirk Loesche, Darren Slade, Robert Dickinson, Robert Wicksall, Samuel Crow, Dennis Zweedijk, Douglas Jackson, Sven K Harvey (of Stellar Dreams), Bill Toner, Robin Hueskes, Tony Aksnes (again :-), Donald Feldbruegge, Stephen Robinson, Allan Cairns, A R Landa, Kees Marijnsen, Benedict Stephenson, Farbod Fahimi for your generous donations.

Hi-Toro updated

Daniel Pimley's has greatly improved his MacOS X configuration GUI for E-UAE, called Hi-Toro.


E-UAE-0.8.27 finally released

Faster, more compatible, more stable. Optimizations in the 68k interpreter for x86, PPC and 68k hosts give 5% more speed on average, and, thanks to some compiler tweaks, this version runs around 20% faster on OS X. Also, fixes to the core emulation merged from WinUAE 0.9.9x means better compatibility with Amiga software. Finally, there's a raft of bug-fixes. See the README for more details and the ChangeLog for the full story. Binaries for all supported platforms will be available shortly.

MorphOS officially supported

Thanks to a nice fellow named Marcel Unbehaun who gave me his Pegasos motherboard when he upgraded to a Peg II, I now officially support MorphOS. Grab the binary below when it becomes available.


Thanks to Carl Moppett, Michael C. Battilana (Cloanto), Tony Aksnes, Lionel Muller, Povl Odgaard and Tomasz Gruca for your generous donations.

The AmigaWorld Guide to WinUAE

AmigaWorld.net have updated their Guide to WinUAE. Don't be put off by the host platform: this provides an excellent overview to Amiga emulation in general.

Hi-Toro, GUI front-end for OSX

Daniel Pimley has made an AppleScript-based configuration GUI for E-UAE called Hi-Toro.


E-UAE-0.8.27-RC2 released

This release fixes some bugs in the previous one, including a potential segfault in the keymap code at start-up and the broken Kickstart emulation. Also, the missing glue files for compiling against the SDL framework on OS X are now included in the source tarball, and memory usage at start-up in the OS4.0 version has been reduced. See the ChangeLog for the full details.


Thank you to Peter Gordon, Allan Cairns and Dennis Smith for your generous donations.


E-UAE-0.8.27-RC1 released

A new version at last - or least a release candidate of the next version. This one is based on the WinUAE 0.8.27 core and includes a vast multitude of bug-fixes and improvements, so I'm not even going to try and list these here. See the README and Changelog below for the full story. Binaries will be made available shortly.


It's alive - honest!

Despite a shocking lack of public activity around here lately, this project is actually alive and well. I have been beavering away at what will be the next release for some time and have made considerable progress in improving, optimizing and bug-fixing E-UAE. Expect a new release very soon. If you're impatient, you can check out the current state of development from the CVS repository hosted on Sourceforge.


Thank you to Tobias Huebner, Delbert Meeker, Fabio Raponi, Jason Stevens, Andreas Kotes, Bill Panagouleas (CEO, DiscreetFX), and Jason Stevens for your generous donation.


UAE-0.8.25-20040302 released

This is a bug-fix release and corrects several problems with the SCSI emulation. It also enables support for SCSI emulation on Mac OS X and BeOS (although, due to restrictions inherent in OS X, this will currently only work with CD/DVD writers - not ordinary read-only devices). Updated binaries for Linux (x86 and PPC), Mac OS X and BeOS will be available for download shortly. A new binary for AmigaOS has been delayed, but should be ready (with some Amiga-specific updates) by the middle of next week.

Support/discussion mailing list

I have set up a new mailing list at FreeLists.org for all manner of discussion related to this version of UAE. I'm not trying to steal business from the various popular UAE-related web forums - I just don't have the time to frequent them all. I hope this list will allow me to better answer users' queries and help to give me more feedback from users. Everyone's welcome. So do please join in.


UAE-0.8.25-20040223 released

A new release at last, now based on WinUAE 0.8.25. This adds SCSI device emulation (although this does not work on OS X yet), CD32 emulation, bug fixes to the bsdsocket.library (network) emulation when built with SDL threads (it now works on Mac OS X), support for IPF (CAPS) floppy images (on platforms supported by the CAPS library plug-in), an improved debugger and much more.

I shall be releasing binaries for Linux (x86 and PPC) and for Mac OS X based on this version. There will be no Debian packages for this release (due to dependency problems), and AmigaOS and BeOS binaries will follow later this week.

UAE manual

Peter Hutchison has been working on some documentation for UAE. Find his efforts and lots of other useful UAE-related information at the Amiga Emulator FAQ.


Thank you to Thomas Breeden, Dennis Smith, Alfred Schwarz and Jens Weichert for your generous donations.


UAE-0.8.23-20040129 released

Drum roll! The JIT compiler now works on BeOS. Okay, so it's without support for direct memory at the moment, but still expect up to a 10x speed boost over the purely interpretive emulator. Grab the updated BeOS binary below. (I haven't created updated binaries for other platforms since they are not affected by the changes.)


UAE-0.8.23-20040126 released

Release 0.8.23-20040125 was missing a file from the x11 driver and the OS X raw key driver had a typo. This version fixes that. If you already grabbed the source for the previous verison, save yourself some download time and get this patch.


UAE-0.8.23-20040125 released

My first release based on WinUAE 0.8.23 is now available for download. Lots of new stuff and bug fixes in here including improved Picasso96 emulation, support for raw key-mapping when built against LibSDL, and support for building the GTK+ GUI against GTK+ 2.x. Binaries for all the usual suspects will be available as soon as I can build them.


Binaries for Red Hat 9, IRIX and Solaris

Ian Chapman has made pre-compiled binaries of UAE-0.8.22-20040107 for Red Hat 9, IRIX 6.5/MIPS and Solaris 9/SPARC available for download. See Ian's Software Shack. Thanks, Ian!

0.8.23 is coming

I am putting the finishing touches to my next version, based on WinUAE 0.8.23. A release will be available this weekend, with binaries downloadable for Linux, OS X (yes, my Mac is working again), BeOS and AmigaOS. In the mean-time, here's a screenshot of UAE 0.8.23-20040123 running itself.


UAE 0.8.22-20040107 released (and, oops, here's the BeOS binary)

Some more minor bug-fixing. This release corrects a typo in the X11 driver which made it uncompilable and fixes a bug in the floppy initialization in the Amiga version. Also, the Amiga version will now automatically enlarge the system stack itself at start-up if necessary, so there's now no need to set the default stack size in the shell yourself.

I just realized that I never posted a link here to the BeOS binary that I built. Silly me. I wondered why nobody was downloading it. So here goes . . . you can now get the BeOS binary from the link below in the downloads section.


UAE 0.8.22-20040106 released

This corrects a bug in the opening of system libraries on the AmigaOS version which was causing UAE to unnecessarily try to open v37 of rexxsyslib.library (which most people won't have).


UAE 0.8.22-20040104 released

Sl´┐Żnte Mhath and Happy New Year. I promised a release based on WinUAE 0.8.23, but, sorry, while I do have it working, it's not ready to go just quite yet. Instead, here's a new 0.8.22r9-based release. There's a bunch of bug-fixes in here, including a fix for P96 support in the X11 target, working FPS and HD LEDs on all supported targets, a fix for switching audio interpolation modes and a whole lot more.

More significantly, this is the first release using my new autoconf 2.5x/automake build system. This adds considerable flexibility for building UAE from source and supports building on non-Unix platforms, cross-compiling and building in a separate directory much better. I'll be posting some documentation giving more details shortly.

Thanks to the new build system, this is my first release which will also build out-of-the-box for AmigaOS and BeOS. I've updated support for both systems, including a thread driver and gameport.device joystick driver for AmigaOS (still no sound, alas) and a new sound driver and joystick driver for BeOS. Autoconfig and hard-drive emulation now works on both platforms (although you do need SDL for graphics and thread support on BeOS, and the GUI doesn't work yet). With the SDL gfx driver, Picasso96 emulation will work on BeOS (screenshot).


UAE 0.8.22-20031215 released

A new version of my experimental UAE is avaialble for download. This release features preliminary support for hardfiles (there's currently a 2GB limit on hardfile size) and a raft of tweaks and bug-fixes. Most notably, timing problems with the JIT on fast x86 machines should now be cured and the problems with mouse input when running full-screen on OS X have been sovled. Updated binaries for a variety of platforms will be available soon, or grab the source code below if you want to build it yourself.


WinUAE 0.8.23 released

You may have noticed that WinUAE 0.8.23 has been released. I'll be releasing a version based on that shortly. I am going to do one more 0.8.22-based release first (some time this week-end hopefully), which will feature hardfile support and a bunch of clean-ups and bug-fixes.

2003-12-02The promised new release is here. This fixes building with GCC 3.x on x86 platforms, fixes support for using zipped and gzipped floppy images, adds support for using DMS floppy images, and includes an updated Solaris sound driver and assorted fixes for building on Solaris from Elmar Plischke (thanks Elmar!). For the full story see the changelog. The bad news is that Picasso96 emulation is currently broken when built with the x86 driver (although P96 still works fine with SDL). This is a result of changes trying to bring my tree closer to the WinUAE tree. The fix is trivial, and I'll fix it shortly. Binaries for this release will appear here over the next few hours . . .
2003-11-30I had hoped to have a new release out by now, but with Thanksgiving and other personal commitments I haven't been able to complete this yet. A new version will be released shortly, and it will include, amongst other things, a fix for using zipped and gzipped floppy images and support for building with GCC 3.x on x86 platforms.
2003-11-24Several people expressed an interest in trying out a binary for Mac OS X after I foolishly alluded to the fact that this version of UAE would work there too. Well, it does. Kind of. So, here's a binary for anybody brave enough to try. Warning: this isn't ready for general consumption yet. Propeller-heads only should apply. It currently requires that you have an X server and Fink installed, with LibSDL and GTK+1.2. (GTK+ and X are only required for the configuration GUI. The actual UAE output runs in a native window via SDL.) It has a number of problems still, and the bsdsocket.library emulation is decidedly ropey. Oh, and use F11 as the hot key modifier rather than F12 (F12 doesn't generate reliable key events on my system for some reason). So, for example press F11+s to switch between windowed and full-screen modes. Windowed mode is dog slow, so you'll probably prefer the latter anyway. Let me know what you think . . .
2003-11-21I have received reports that this UAE causes a segfault on start-up on x86 machines when running a 2.6 kernel (and sometimes on 2.4 kernels). The problem is due to the JIT modifying the x86's LDT to accelerate access to the VM's memory. If you experience this problem, try this binary instead of the binaries listed below. I have simply disabled any mucking about with the LDT in this one. I'm working on a better fix for this, but since I'm a relative greenhorn when it comes to x86 assembly language, I've got some reading to do first . . .