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Welcome to this chunk of virtual real estate belonging to me, Richard Drummond. Here you can find out about stuff I've been working on and things that interest me. Since I work and play with computers, alternative operating systems (especially Linux and AmigaOS) and open-source development, the content here is mostly about that; if you're looking for something more exciting, then, sorry, you're out of luck.

This site is perpetually stuck in drab mode pending me discovering some artistic skills and the time to maintain it.

Software projects


Latest version: 0.8.29-WIP4 (2007-03-27)

A fork of the Unix Amiga Emulator (UAE), attempting to bring the cool features of the Windows version of UAE (WinUAE) to other platforms such as Linux/Unix, MacOS X, AmigaOS and BeOS; to improve stability, speed and usability; to solve world hunger; etc.

SDL for AmigaOS 4.0

Latest version: 1.2.11-20080121 (2008-01-21)

A port of the Simple Direct Media layer, a popular open-source toolkit for games programming, to AmigaOS 4.0.

Amiga stuff

A miscellany of stuff that I've been working on for AmigaOS 4.0, predominantly a collection of SDL games compiled for OS 4.0.


A handy tool for taking screenshots of software running on the Linux framebuffer driver device.


Having been previously employed by magazines such as Linux Format, Amiga Format and CU Amiga, occasionally I pretend to be an IT journalist. You can read a small selection of my scribblings here.


Send comments, complaints, etc. to web@rcdrummond.net, although there's a good chance I'll ignore them.